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Friends, these days each individual needs to acquire cash sitting at home. Blogging is the most ideal approach to gain cash on the web. So today we will disclose to you Blog Kaise Banaye. Numerous individuals search on YouTube and Google on the best way to cause a site in English yet they to get just a large portion of the deficient data.

We will let you know totally that Blog Kaise Banaye just as how you can effectively make your new blog. You don’t have to freeze by any means. You simply need to peruse and comprehend this data cautiously.

What is a Blog:

Friends, most importantly we realize that Blog Kya Hai? Companions, on the off chance that we as a whole need to think about anything, at that point we as a whole inquiry in Google and we get the opportunity to see a great deal of results. That outcome is composed by individuals like us.

In the event that we clarify in straightforward language like you have looked through Google that Blog Kaise Banaye, at that point you can see numerous outcomes there and you tapped on any of those outcomes. That is the point at which you went to our blog.

Thus, all individuals help individuals by sharing their insight through their blog and furthermore win cash online through their blog. Every one of these individuals are called Blogger and this entire way is called Blogging.

Make a Website:

Two popular stages are utilized a great deal to make a blog on the planet. Which is Blogger and WordPress. Generally both of these stages are utilized to make a site or blog.

Today we will enlighten you concerning these two stages, how you can make your blog with the assistance of these stages. Which is simple.

Make a Website on WordPress 2020:

Friends, presently we will show you how to make a blog on WordPress. Which is exceptionally simple. On the WordPress stage, you get a greater number of highlights for your blog than the stage. Since there are numerous topics and modules accessible in WordPress.

To realize which is the best among WordPress and Blogger, you can watch this itemized video.

Numerous Bloggers start their Blogging Career on stages like WordPress. So we should know how you can make your new blog on WordPress.

Stage 1: Friends, above all else, you need to purchase a space for your blog. The name of your site or blog is called Domain. Much the same as the space of our blog is, you can purchase the area for your blog from any webpage. Like GoDaddy and Namecheap.

Stage 2: After purchasing companions area, presently you need to purchase (Web Hosting) for your blog. We need web facilitating for our blog and purchasing is obligatory. There are numerous such sites on the planet from which we can purchase Hosting and a large portion of these sites are with the end goal that give Hosting at a low cost.

Yet, their facilitating is terrible. Because of which our blog positioning gets terrible and even such facilitating traffic can’t deal with it. At last, blunder begins coming in our site. That is the reason we ought to get a decent facilitating for our blog.

I will enlighten you concerning an incredible web facilitating. Which will expand the presentation of your site. Which is named (SiteGround Hosting). SiteGround facilitating is likewise favored by specialists on the off chance that you are beginning another blog. Indeed, even WordPress has said that on the off chance that you are beginning another blog, at that point you should take facilitating of SiteGround.

Presently you realize which is the Best Web Hosting. Presently it comes to how we can take the facilitating of SiteGround. Since this facilitating is reasonable just as gives awesome execution for the site. How about we know how we get facilitating of SiteGround.

  • Click here . By clicking on this link, you will reach the hosting plans. Where you can see plans according to your requirement.

  • After choosing the plan, you will now have to enter the Domain Name. If you already have a domain, then tick (I Already Have a Domain).

  • Proceed now. Now you have to enter your name, address, email, password, and address. So that your account is created on SiteGround Hosting.

  • Now payment details will open in front of you. In which you will insert your credit card / debit card. Whatever hosting plan you have taken. According to the same plans you have to pay. You will not be charged any extra.

  • After payment, you can now start your new blog with your hosting and domain.

Step 3: Subsequent to purchasing a companions space name and web facilitating, presently you need to associate these two. Which is simple. By signing into the site from which you have taken the space, you should go to (Domain Management).

Presently your space’s  DNS (Domain Name Server) must be supplanted with Hosting DNS. Facilitating from any site you have taken. You should likewise have found DNS in the facilitating of that site. You need to supplant this Hosting DNS with the DNS of the area and spare it.

Stage 4: After the finish of the DNS of the web facilitating companions in the DNS of the area, presently you need to introduce WordPress. At the point when you have bought web facilitating, you are given a control board alongside web facilitating. Through which you can control your site.

Friends, from where you have bought web facilitating for your blog, you can open the control board by heading off to a similar record. The client name and secret key you have been given is in the web facilitating account, from that you need to login to the control board and introduce WordPress.

  • After login to Cpanel (Control Panel), now you have to click on Softaculous Apps Installer.

  • Then you have to click on WordPress and click on Install.
  • Now you have to enter your domain name in the URL.
  • After this, you have to enter the details of Admin Account. You have to enter Admin Username and Admin Password. You have to enter Username and Password hard, so that no one can hack your details.
  • Now you have to click on Save Installation Details. Now your WordPress blog is ready.

Step 5: Friends, till now we had installed WordPress in our hosting. Now we have to login in wordpress.

We entered the Username and Password in the Admin Account. From that we need to login in wordpress.

To login in companions wordpress we need to open (administrator url) in google. Something like this (

Everybody’s Admin url will continue as before. Your space name comes instead of your area name.

In this way, companions, we have let you know in 5 stages completely simple that you now you can begin your own blog and gain cash from your blog.

Make a Website on Blogger 2020:

Most importantly, we will show you how to make a blog on the Blogger stage. Which is totally free. Since this stage has a place with Google. Which is exceptionally acclaimed for making (How to Make a Website).

Each new blogger who doesn’t have cash begins his blog with this stage and numerous enormous bloggers have begun with this foundation of Google. You can likewise make your own new blog, that also for nothing, and you can begin your vocation.

Presently we will advise you to bit by bit how you can make your blog on this Google stage, which is named . You don’t have to freeze by any means. This entire cycle is simple. Everybody can cause a blog and everybody to can bring in cash from it.

Stage 1: First of all you need to go to Google ( ).

Stage 2: Then you need to tap on (Create Your Blog) and sign up with your Google Account.

Stage 3: As soon as you have joined with your Google Account, presently you will see two choices. Select both of the Google+ Profile and Blogger Profile, and in the wake of setting your profile (snap to Continue Blogger).

Stage 4: Now you need to tap on (Create a Blog) and now you need to enter Title and Address.

  • Title – In this, you have to write the title of your blog. Suppose your blog has an address ( ), then you have to write Mangesh Bhardwaj.
  • Address – In this, you have to write the address of your blog. You have to keep a unique name for your blog. So that people can reach your block by searching on Google. like ( ) If someone has already used this address, then now you have to write a separate address.

Setp: Now you need to choose a topic for your blog. Which you can likewise change later. At that point you need to tap on (Create Blog).

Companions, presently your blog is prepared. We have revealed to you the easy way how you can make your blog in 5 stages on the stage, which is totally free and has a place with Google.

Presently you can compose a post on your blog. What you are acceptable at and what you find out about. You can compose a post on it and put it on your blog. Thus, you need to apply for Google AdSense by composing at any rate 20+ posts and take endorsement.

Let us disclose to you that crafted by Google AdSense is to run Ads on Blog. At whatever point an individual goes to your blog and taps on any AIDS, at that point you get paid. This is the means by which you gain cash from your blog.


So, friends, we hope that you have come to know that your own is very easy, just you have to read and understand this information carefully.

We hope that you will like this information and please do share this information with your friends and family. So that everyone can earn money sitting at home by making their own blog. Thank you for reading our today’s topic.

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